We all make mistakes in life. From the very first moments of awareness when scolded by our mothers, to the very last breaths of our lives, we are burdened by guilt and shame for the things we have done wrong. Unless, however, we learn that shame is just a silly reaction like jealousy over a neighbors possessions or sadness when we watch a touching movie. Just a reaction.

Today I burnt food to my mom’s favorite aluminum baking dish so that it was beyond recognition. The whole house was filled with smoke and the pan had a thick layer of black crud on the inside. I had left it in the oven to soak but forgot to turn the oven off. FYI– I have burned things really badly before, so don’t ask me to cook for you! Ha

Now this baking dish has some sort of sentimental value (don’t ask me why–my family is weird) because it was a hand-me down. My initial reaction when my dad gave me the news was embarrassment and shame, but with some careful attention to my own thoughts I was able to quickly turn that into ambition and told my dad very enthusiastically that “I know how to fix it!” and set to scrubbing.

I’m glad it was an old aluminum dish, or what I did wouldn’t have worked… I scraped it with a paint scraper and scrubbed with an SOS pad. It actually needed a good cleaning anyway! Moral of the story is mistakes are what you make of them. Relax! Take what ever silver lining you can find and grab on to it!


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